March 2022 Club Meeting

REEF Fish ID There are a lot of fish in the ocean, and having some idea of what you’ve seen makes it easier to share your fish tales with friends. Join us as John and Meredyth Nelson from Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) help us get better acquainted with some of the fish we see […]

February 2022 Club Meeting

A Diver’s Biggest Nemesis & How to defeat it Statistics from Divers Alert Network show that more than 40% of all dive fatalities have nothing to do with diving, but are instead related to the heart. Strokes and heart attacks are a leading cause of death for scuba divers. Keep diving for many more years […]

January 2022 Club Meeting

Spineless: The Science of Jellyfish Jellyfish have been swimming in our oceans for over half a billion years—longer than any other animal. Made of roughly 95% water, jellyfish are both nearly imperceptible against their watery background and the bearers of a luminescence that revolutionized biotechnology. Join us as Juli Berwald talks about how a landlocked […]

SeaDevil Holiday Party 2021!

  Holiday Party Please join us in celebrating another great year of friendship, fun and our love of diving! All are welcome, so bring your family and friends along to help us celebrate. A festive spread of food and drinks will be provided as we spend time telling fish tales. And Scuba Santa was very […]

November 2021 Club Meeting

Over 85% of Virginia’s public lands are submerged. From the coastal zone off the Eastern Shore to the wild mountain rivers, Virginia’s sunken and submerged history includes every chapter of human occupation going back nearly 20,000 years. Join us as Brendan Burke shares how the Virginia Department of Historic Resources is helping protect and learn […]

October 2021 Club Meeting

Dolphin Communication Project Let’s talk dolphins! Equipped with a huge smile and a playful disposition, encounters with a pod of wild dolphins are a magical experience. Join us as Kelly Sweeting shares her work studying the wild Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins off Bimini, The Bahamas as part of the Dolphin Communication Project (DCP). We’ll […]

September 2021 Club Meeting

Diving Cuba Are you dreaming of diving Cuba? Imagine riding in a turquoise 1950s Chevy convertible, sipping an iced daiquiri in a bar where Hemingway once occupied, or plunging below the waves to explore a marine reserve. This Caribbean destination is both pristine and exotic, boasting magnificent white sand beaches with clean, sparkling turquoise waters. […]

August 2021 Club Meeting

Enchantment of Tanzania Tanzania is home to the world-renown Serengeti and the majesty of Mt Kilimanjaro, but did you know that Tanzania boasts stellar year-round diving along the Swahili Coast of the Western Indian Ocean? Join us as Michaele Bergan shares a pictorial tour of some of her adventures while spending 5.5 months in Tanzania […]

July 2021 Club Meeting

Stony Coral Disease Coral reefs represent some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet but these important habitats are declining worldwide. Florida’s coral reefs are experiencing the most devastating and widespread disease outbreak in its history. Emerging in 2014, stony coral tissue loss disease has spread throughout the entire Florida Reef Tract and […]

June 2021 Club Meeting

Erik Petkovic is an explorer, author, maritime historian, shipwreck researcher, and technical wreck diver with over twenty years of diving experience. He is the author of multiple diving and maritime history books, has been featured in dive publications worldwide and is a regular contributor to several magazines. Through Erik’s unique storytelling, relive some of the […]