2018 Meeting Schedule

‎ The SeaDevil Dive Club meets on the second Wednesday of each month at Timberwood Grill (3311 Worth Crossing, just outside Forest Lakes North). Food, drinks and socializing starts at 6:30 pm. Meet up with friends who love to go scuba diving, swap stories and plan your next diving adventure. Most of all have fun with great […]

Why become a SeaDevil Sponsor?

You get the joy and pride of knowing you’re helping to spread your love of the underwater world in a tangible way to educate the public a conserve and protect our aquatic resources.  You help us support our mission to raise the visibility and accessibility of scuba diving in our community by such means as […]

May 2018 Club Meeting

Underwater archaeological diving is a powerful tool that can be used to tell the story of human history. Divers assist archaeologists, scientists and researchers in their objectives of analyzing the physical remains of the past to acquire a broad and comprehensive understanding of past human culture. Diving With a Purpose (DWP) is a volunteer program […]

April 2018 Club Meeting

A Red Sea Diving Adventure Does the warming weather have you thinking about exotic destinations and your next dive adventure? The Red Sea is an underwater paradise renowned for its variety of colorful fish and brimming with beautiful coral reefs. Sound intriguing? Join us as Bob Nelson recounts his adventures while diving in the Red […]

March 2018 Club Meeting

Hollywood and the media have given sharks a bad image, but these beautiful creatures are vital to the health of our oceans. Tanya Houppermans is an internationally-recognized, multiple award-winning photographer who has devoted her life to the protection and conservation of sharks. Join us as Tanya shares how she became involved in shark conservation and […]

February 2018 Club Meeting

As the countdown to Valentine’s Day begins you may sense that love is in the air, but for one of the ocean’s largest swooners, the season of love has already been in full-swing. Each winter humpback whales travel thousands of miles to the warm, clear waters where they mate and bear offspring. Have you ever […]

January 2018 Club Meeting

Does the cold weather have you dreaming of sunnier, WARMER places? Join us as Chip Byrd recounts his experiences of getting away from the resorts and exploring the beauty and charm of the Dominican Republic. Peter Bentvelzen will also be on hand to answer questions about his years living on the island. Meet new dive […]

Holiday Party

As we come to the end of another exciting, busy and wonderfully successful year of diving, we would like to invite you to a fun evening of holiday cheer hosted by the SeaDevil Dive Club and Dive Connections. All are welcome, so bring your friends and family along to help us celebrate. There will be plenty […]

October Club Meeting

Surveys show that 90% of staghorn and elkhorn coral has been lost on US and Caribbean Coral reefs. Crew 3000 is actively helping create and maintain offshore coral nurseries and working to restore the coral reef system throughout the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. Join us as Peyton Williams shares his recent hands-on experience engaging […]

September Club Meeting

With summer windng down, it’s the perfect time to review the 2017 travel journal. SeaDevils have been spotted in the Bahamas, Honduras, Cayman Islands and more. Bring your favorite pictures and stories from this year’s experiences to share with your fellow divers. Meet up with friends who love to go scuba diving, swap stories and […]