About Us


What is SeaDevil?  

We are a spirit, an enthusiasm, an energy that exists to promote human love of the underwater. We are people who band together to share that love and our experience as documented by our pictures, stories and our memories.

We are a club, local in design and international in scope.  We exist to promote diving, snorkeling and all the interests they engender; the physical experience of being underwater, the life, the creatures, their interaction, the history, geological and human, the beauty, the wonderment, the ecology, the topography, the energy and the mystery, everything that is the water and what lies beneath it.

We encourage people to visit this realm and to respect it.  We seek to foster in people a strong love and respect for the environment, a respect for it’s finite capacity and a sense of stewardship for the water and all it represents to human existence.

Most of all we want people to go in the ocean and experience it and experience the people who go in the ocean.  They are special too and diving is a very communal activity.  Diving by its nature is cooperative rather than competitive.  We seek to help people work and play together in this wonderful medium.  We believe diving fosters responsibility not only for ones self but for others, humanity and the environment.

To this end we do everything we can to help those interested in this activity communicate and share.  We maintain this web site, a group email list and we hold meetings.  We actively and personally promote diving and opportunities to go diving.  Our motto is simply “We Go Diving”.

Do you want to help?

If you do, then you are already a SeaDevil.  Welcome.  Wear the logo, talk about the underwater with your friends, come to our meetings, share whatever we have and help us fulfill our mission.  That alone makes you a member.  

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… but most of all, Walk the Walk.  Carry on the spirit.  Tell everyone you can about what lives beneath the seas.  Share your Spirit as a SeaDevil.