November 2019 Club Meeting

With year winding down, it’s the perfect time to review the 2019 travel journal. The SeaDevil motto is “We Go Diving!” and this year SeaDevils have been spotted in Bonaire, the Red Sea, Bay Islands Honduras and more. Bring your favorite pictures and stories from this year’s experiences to share with your fellow divers. Meet […]

October 2019 Club Meeting

Extreme Cave Diving In preparation for Jill Heinerth’s visit and book signing at the end of the month, we will be viewing a video about extreme cave diving. More people have walked on the moon than have been in some of the places Jill has explored within our planet. Join us as we see the challenges […]

September 2019 Club Meeting

How the Ocean Unites Us  The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. ~Jacques Cousteau Humans are inextricably tied to the oceans. As divers, under the ocean’s spell, we are inspired to travel to destinations near and far, often experiencing the unexpected and making life-changing connections with people we […]

August 2019 Club Meeting

Sea Stories of the OBX In 1942 the United States fought and suffered one of its greatest defeats of World War II, not in Europe or the Pacific but along the eastern seaboard. As men and war materials were being dispatched to foreign fronts, German U-boats arrived at America’s front door. In what has come […]

July 2019 Club Meeting

The Unexplained Hit We all learn to plan a dive, dive our plan, and stay conservative. But sometimes even a conservative plan can result in a DCS hit. DAN data indicates that there may be about 1,000 cases of DCS per year among recreational divers in the USA and Canada. Even seasoned dive pros can […]

June 2019 Club Meeting

Lionfish Invasion The Indo-Pacific lionfish is an invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean & Caribbean Sea. Lionfish are predators with a voracious appetite, no natural predators, and a rapid rate of reproduction. They are destroying the natural balance of the reefs by over consuming reef fish and juveniles, threatening marine life and the reef itself. […]

May 2019 Club Meeting

State of the Bay 2018 Resiliency in the Face of Unprecedented Challenges   Experts agree that the science-based Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint is our last chance to Save the Bay. Since the Blueprint’s beginning in 2010, the Bay has been improving. But as this year’s State of the Bay shows, progress is never a straight […]

April 2019 Club Meeting

Top 10 Gear Tips We’ve all seen it – missing o-ring, torn wetsuit, broken fin strap – the gremlins that try to ruin a dive. Don’t miss another dive due to minor issues with your scuba diving equipment. Join us as Bill Sawyer provides his top 10 tips to maintain and repair your scuba gear. […]

March 2019 Club Meeting

CSS Richond Project Join us as Dr. Mike Nusbaum and Bill Waldrop share the challenges and risks they faced this past summer exploring the remains of the Confederate Ironclad C.S.S. Richmond. Even though visibility is always a challenge in the James River, you will be among the first to see what no human eyes have […]

February 2019 Club Meeting

Mike Berry – Underwater CSI Join us as Mike Berry shares his experiences as a one of the world’s leading authorities in Public Safety Diving. Mike is recognized internationally as a Master Underwater Criminal Investigator and is one of the most experienced Public Safety Divers/Underwater Criminal Investigators in the world. For the last 35 years, […]