April 2021 Club Meeting

Are You Cave Curious? Cave diving has a reputation as the world’s most dangerous sport, but is that really true? Cave diving instructor, Natalie Gibb, prepares divers to safely enjoy some of the most gorgeous and remote places on the planet. As a cave explorer and photographer, she maps new dive sites and shares her […]

March 2021 Club Meeting

Reef Safe Sunscreen Divers know our reefs are under threat, but you can help protect them (and yourself) every time you apply sunscreen. Did you know that ingredients like oxybenzone, parabens and mineral oils in sunscreens and body-care products can harm our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams? Studies have shown that coral-reef damage can be caused by these ingredients […]

February 2021 Club Meeting

Coming Home What started as a liveaboard dive trip to the Red Sea, off the coast of Sudan, in 2014 became a 5-year quest to tell the story of the Macallé, and the one sailor who didn’t make it home. First, to find the WWII Italian submarine that went down in June 1940 off the […]

January 2021 Club Meeting

Manatees and Mermaids Did you know Christopher Columbus mistook manatees for mermaids? Maybe he was at sea too long, but according to a ship log dated January 9, 1493, Christopher Columbus himself said that he “distinctly saw three mermaids, which rose well out of the sea; but they are not so beautiful as they are […]

Why become a SeaDevil Member?

You get the joy and pride of knowing you’re helping to spread your love of the underwater world in a tangible way to educate the public a conserve and protect our aquatic resources.  You help us support our mission to raise the visibility and accessibility of scuba diving in our community by such means as […]

December 2020 Club Meeting

Haiti Ocean Project Haiti’s oceans represent and harbor some of the ocean’s most valuable and vulnerable marine species, including sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, and marine mammals, which are critical to the health of the marine ecosystem and should be preserved for future generations. The Haiti Ocean Project (HOP) works with local fishermen to educate them […]

November 2020 Club Meeting

In search of Megalodon: Diving for Fossils The Carolinas are known for many things but, for divers, it is well known as a hot spot for finding prehistoric Megalodon teeth. The Megalodon shark, meaning “big tooth”, is regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators to have ever lived. Join us as Marilou […]

October 2020 Club Meeting

Coral reefs cover less than 1% of the ocean’s floor, but support one quarter of the world’s fisheries. Within our lifetime we have lost between 25 to 40% of the world’s corals. Coral farming efforts are underway to rebuild populations, but the slow growth of coral through traditional fragmentation technology may not be fast enough […]

September 2020 Club Meeting

On May 30, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule roared to life from Cape Canaveral, Florida. That mission to the International Space Station marked the first manned space flight from the US since the space shuttle program ended in 2011. Long before the launchpad countdown, the astronauts on board underwent extensive training, including neutral buoyancy training in […]

August 2020 Club Meeting

Public safety divers work with local authorities, are an essential part of water rescue teams, conduct search and recovery dives, and maybe even underwater crime scene investigations. In addition to basic scuba training, public safety diving requires specialized training for hazard assessments, search procedures, diving in low visibility, and equipment like dry suits and full […]