July Club Meeting

Greetings fellow dive fanatics!  We hope your summer is going well and that it includes some diving and more diving.  At our next meeting we’ll be voting on the design for the next club T-shirt, so please submit your devilish diving drawing to Chris Findley by email  or just bring it with you to the […]

Welcome to the new SeaDevil site!

Jump in and register, take a look around, play with some of the settings.  We’ve made it more of a community atmosphere with the ability for users to create their own events,  create their own galleries, post topics in a forum, or message one another.   We’re still fine-tuning the site and welcome feedback on […]

Bonne Terre Mine

Driving into the sleepy town, it’s hard to imagine that not far beneath the wheels of your car is a billion-gallon underground lake, Bonne Terre Mine. One that you’ll soon be jumping into. Over the course of a century, miners carved, chipped and drilled their way under Bonne Terre, creating Bonne Terre Mine. At some point […]