2018 Holiday Party

Holiday Party Please join us for an evening to celebrate another great year of friendship, fun and our love of diving! All are welcome, so bring your family and friends along to help us celebrate. A gracious plenty of food and drinks will be provided to allow us all to spend more time telling fish […]

November 2018 Club Meeting

The Beauty of Guam Most people don’t think US diving includes a holiday destination such as Guam. This often-overlooked US territory is in fact a scuba diving hot spot with incredible beaches and crystal clear waters jam-packed with unique underwater life. Guam boasts an impressive amount of coral that comes in all shapes and sizes, […]

October 2018 Club Meeting

Sinking of the SS Thistlegorm In the early hours of October 6, 1941, the SS Thistlegorm was bombed by the German Luftwaffe and sank off the west coast of the Sinai Peninsula. She was loaded with supplies for British troops fighting in the North African Theater of World War II. Today the 415-foot steamship is an […]

September 2018 Club Meeting

Discover Haiti Join us as Shushawn Schmal explains how she combines vacation adventures with social impact work in Haiti. She travels to Haiti on a regular basis where she and her husband support a small orphanage and work to promote the sport of scuba diving in Haiti. Their vision is to help educate the children, […]

August 2018 Club Meeting

Diving Indonesia From tiny pygmy seahorses to magnificent manta rays, exhilarating drift and reef dives to unique muck diving, breathtaking steep walls, World War II relics and fantastic night diving, Indonesia is a diver’s paradise. Join us as Naomi Stern shares her amazing experiences while diving in Indonesia. Meet new dive buddies, reconnect with old […]

July 2018 Club Meeting

Any time you enter Neptune’s realm and explore the marvelous world beneath the surface, there is a chance of unintentional encounters with some of his denizens of the deep. The more you know about these creatures, the greater your chances of having fun, safe and memorable dives. Join us as Peyton Williams highlights some of […]

June 2018 Club Meeting

With an awe-inspiring collection of 2000 shipwrecks, mid-Atlantic diving is rated the top wreck diving destination in North America. Combine that with abundant fish life and encounters with the ferocious looking, but docile, sand tiger shark and North Carolina offers a diving experience like no other. The 2018 dive season is in full swing – […]

May 2018 Club Meeting

Underwater archaeological diving is a powerful tool that can be used to tell the story of human history. Divers assist archaeologists, scientists and researchers in their objectives of analyzing the physical remains of the past to acquire a broad and comprehensive understanding of past human culture. Diving With a Purpose (DWP) is a volunteer program […]

April 2018 Club Meeting

A Red Sea Diving Adventure Does the warming weather have you thinking about exotic destinations and your next dive adventure? The Red Sea is an underwater paradise renowned for its variety of colorful fish and brimming with beautiful coral reefs. Sound intriguing? Join us as Bob Nelson recounts his adventures while diving in the Red […]

March 2018 Club Meeting

Hollywood and the media have given sharks a bad image, but these beautiful creatures are vital to the health of our oceans. Tanya Houppermans is an internationally-recognized, multiple award-winning photographer who has devoted her life to the protection and conservation of sharks. Join us as Tanya shares how she became involved in shark conservation and […]